Can you help with a fun phrase?

  1. I was thinking of ordering some personalized pencils for some friends in my nursing class for Christmas. Can someone help me think up a funny or cool phrase to have imprinted on them? We are in our fourth semester of an ADN program, and will graduate in May 2003. One more semester left after this one! :hatparty:

    I was thinking of "C = RN" because that is always what we say when we don't make the grade we thought we would on a test or paper, sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we can't always be perfectionists!

    I am not a very creative person, but I know lots of you here are! Have any ideas?

    There are 30 letters/spaces allowed.
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  4. by   jdomep
    I went to that sight and I like "Who needs sleep?" Appropriate for students But I do like your C=RN
  5. by   CountrifiedRN
    Thanks for that site Sunnygirl, lots of funny stuff there! jdomep, I also like the "Who needs sleep?" Most of us can't even remember what sleep is! Thanks for your input!!
  6. by   YOKIE
    Hey RN2bNC, Sorry I don't have any good lines....BUT I notice you are from NC...ME TOO! Which school are attending? I'm trying to get into Watts School of nursing in Durham, NC...ever heard of it? I'd love to hear your input about how well you like your school.

  7. by   CountrifiedRN
    Hi Yokie, I PM'ed you!