Can someone please explain ERI tests to me?

  1. I am a LPN student & during breaks between terms we have to complete ERI tests over subjects we took during the term we just finished. What I can't seem to understand is how I can complete the course with A's & still be at a loss when it comes to some of these tests. The questions seem to be written for RN students. So many of the questions expect us to know something or do something that is out of our range of practice. I have completed hundreds of NCLEX-PN review questions & these questions are nothing like them.
    Fortunately we can take them as many tiems as it takes to pass them. As a matter of fact, last term many of the students were taking them during the first weeks as they still hadn't managed to pass them. I passed all mine n the first try but after taking the practice test for Pharmacology, there is no way I'll ever pass that test. It gave an example of a disease, often something I had never heard of, & a list of medications & asked us to decide which ones we'd question the patient taking, choosing all that apply and listing drugs I've never heard of. Knowing the endings of classes of drugs will help & I'll be able to figure out some but if you miss one, it's wrong.
    Please, someone tell me it can be done.
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    Sorry for the whiney sounding post. I was a bit freaked. I discovered, going back to the test page, that what I thought was a practice test for the pharm test, was actually some of the alternative questions that were being tested, the ones that require several answers to be right- hate those kind of questions. I took the correct practice test, and although I didn't do as well as I wished I had, I passed it. I plan to take the actual tests this afternoon. Want to get them out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of my break.
  4. by   Hind12
    I have to take the ERI tests also. We are in the RN program and all of us do bad on them. ERI is very difficult but it prepares you very well, If we learn to take tests like that then NCLEX should be a sinch. Its fun viewing the end of test details, north american average is usually in the 60's, haha. ERI sucks for everybody, but in a way i'm glad i'm doing it.