Can ALL classes/clinicals be done at night? (Gateway)

  1. I work full time but want to go to school at night to get Associates degree in nursing. It seems that the classes offered at Gateway (Maricopa CC) all the way through the second to last class (NUR271) ... including the associated labs can be taken at night...including ALL labwork. Is this really true? Or am I missing something?

    Also, what about the last class (Nursing Clinical Capstone NUR291)? This is apparently a month long course -- is it every day?...and ALL day during regular working hours?

    I am also wondering how Gateway handles the various rotations in different disciplines (such as peds or infectious diseases) -- are these done during that month long clinical at the end? If are they handled? Can they be done while still working full-time M-F 9-5 ?

    Bottom line, can anyone give me a real perspective on whether it is feasible to work full-time while attending Gateway to obtain Assoc. Degree....or does a time come when you have to "quit the day job"...if so...when does that time come?

    Thanks in advance....
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