Calling all nursing students!!!!!!

  1. So here is the story-

    My gerontolgy professor (a geriatric her self) divided the class in half. The 1st half (my half) was to do their paper the first half of the semester. The 2nd half was to do their paper the 2nd half of the semester. So my paper is turned in...the average score was a 17/30!!!! YIKES. i got a 24/30. HOWEVER the professor told the SECOND half of the class their paper was due on Friday. and she made a WHOOPS because she realized thats 4 days less than we she changed the due date to Monday to give them the same ammount of time (that is fair) ANYWAY....she announced that if they turn their paper in on friday they get 2 points extra credit. WHERE THE HELL IS FAIRNESS IN THAT?
    the 1st half of the class was NOT and i repeat NOT given the option of turning in our paper early for extra credit points. Bottom line- she made a mistake, crap like that happens. and i need to add this is the WORST and i mean WORST AND MEANEST professor on the face of this earth. We've tried emailing her (the entire class got to together and everyone was to send her an email)- even the students who do have the option of turning it in early.

    And she is'nt backing down!!!!!! So we are now going to start a petition (or ANY OTHER suggestions would be appreciate)
    is this fair?!?!?
    is this worth starting a petition about)

    FYI...the class is only 100 pts. so 2 pts can make a HUGE HUGE difference! (as well know...)

    how should i start writing it??
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    Also to add:

    would it be fair to get people outside of our school to also sign the petition? (we have 3 nursing schools in our area, its a big nursing area!) Would it be fair to go to them? as they are nursing students as well....would it be fair to petition at the hospitals (where we all work). cause there is only 60 of us in our nursing class so 60 people isn't going to be enough.
  4. by   ImMrBill3, RN
    I would suggest looking up the grievance policy in the student handbook or school catalog and following the procedure laid out. Another option is to use the chain of command, go the the head of the dept, then the asst dean and up to the dean if necessary (and worth it). Keep in mind being polite courteous, complete accurate and succinct. And btw nursing school is not always fair...