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I'm trying to make a decision and wanted to have some input from different mothers. My son will turn 5 in June of 2004. In the state of FL children can start grade school at that age. For some... Read More

  1. by   future_guru
    My first son started kindergarden last year at the age of 5. I have been working and going to school since he was 11 months old to finish my business degree. My son was in daycare from the age of 2, I thought he would easily adjust to public shcool. Well, every child is different. My son was not as social as some of his classmates and he would come home everyday and tell me he did not want to go to school. Then he started to act out in the class. Since I did not work last semester I was able to get involved in the classroom and, after several weeks (it got worse before it got better) he greatly improved -- Just in time -- I start nursing school in another week.

    Oh, and my son receives homework everyday, not one or two pages -- they get six or seven pages.......Do you remember the days when kindergarden meant finger painting and puzzles??? :roll

    Good luck to you and your son. I'm sure he will be fine. Just try to get involved with the teachers.
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  2. by   hope2banurse
    I faced this same problem last September. My son's birthday is Sept. 8th, he was actually 4 until the 2nd week of school ! I wasn't going to put him in kindergarten until he was 6, but all of his daycare teachers, and his dad and I felt he was ready. He's kept up with all of the kids in the class physically and emotionally and he's above average on the academic side of things. I think it varies by child. The school you are going to put him in should have assessment tests. Children need to be emotionally ready as well as meeting all of the academic criteria. I don't regret putting my son in school, it has been a great experience for him. The only thing that stinks is he'll graduate at a younger age. They grow up fast enough as it is. As far as the homework goes, kindergarteners don't get very much homework. You should spend time with him everyday going over what he learned and reinforcing it, but I think it will be easy to manage between you and your hubby. Good luck, it's not an easy decision to make.
  3. by   peaceful2100
    I would strongly encourage you to go ahead and put your son in school but if you feel deep within your heart that it is not the right thing to do then go with your heart and do what you feel is best.

    To those who say children in Kindergarten don't get homework. I I have talked to several, several parents online with kindergarten age children and also I use to work in a daycare center and helped children including kindergarten children with homework. It is MIND BOGGLING. I have talked to the kindergarten teachers at my daughter's school and they said they have homework in Kindergarten. My daugther will start kindergarten in August and she is in Pre-K right now. It is at a private Christian school and is a school that has a daycare for 6 weeks-2 years, pre-school for 3 years-5 years and Elementary for K-3rd grade. More and more kindergarten children are starting to come home with homework. It is a growing trend.
  4. by   RN2B2005
    My birthday, and that of my husband, is 9/11.

    I started kindergarten as the youngest in the class--the cutoff date was 9/1 at that time, but my mother persuaded the principal to let me in. My husband grew up on a farm and didn't even attend school until age 7, and then went straight into first grade.

    Both of us had good educational experiences.

    I've read that it is sometimes better socially to keep boys out of kindergarten until age 5 or 6; I think this is due to the fact that bigger boys (physically) do better on the social ladder than their smaller peers. However, I plan to farm my son out to kindergarten as soon as I possibly can--he's big for his age, and I did well starting kindergarten out early. It's really a personal choice, so make it with confidence and don't second-guess yourself.
  5. by   ucandoit
    TOO EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   bewbew
    I have decided to keep my November born child back until she turns 6!
    My personal opinion is that in this world kids should stay kids for as long as they can!!

    I am November born, and was always the youngest in my classes.
  7. by   2banurse
    This is definitely not an easy decision to make. I personally would err on the side of caution and wait a year. Athough a child can be intellectually ready for school, emotionally it might not be the best situation. This comes into play even if a child attended pre-K. What is the rush? Who knows down the road if by holding your child back a year, they may actually skip grades when they are older because of intellectual maturity. By giving them time when they are younger, you may be helping with their confidence for them to push forward when they are older and better able to handle the emotions and social needs later on.

    Those first few years in school can make a world of difference if they are more emotionally ready. You know your child the best, you do what you feel is best for your child.

  8. by   NurseWeasel
    Confidence... KEY WORD. Yes, it does make such a difference! And I also agree that letting them remain little kids as long as possible is best.

    Where, oh where, is that "do-over" key? I guess it comes with the Grandma card, eh?
  9. by   bewbew
    Well said, Kris!
    My girl is intellectually ready, but her confidence was the main factor in my decision to hold her back. She is also so sensitive, if she were to be bullied this year, I worry how that may affect her later on. So I feel if she has another year, she may cope better with such issues later on.
  10. by   deedee05
    Keep in mind, sometimes children that start school at an older age have a harder time "fitting" in. Some tend to feel to old to play with classmates while the children a grade ahead tend to alienate them because they are in the grade below. Before I got into the nursing program last fall, I worked at an elem. school. I saw this alot, and kids can be cruel, regardless of what parents try to teach them. Good luck with your decision.