Cal state San Marcos ABSN

  1. Hello:
    I am planning on applying to the CSUSM ABSN program at the Temecula campus this fall for the fall 2018 program.
    Looking for information on the program from current students:
    hows your schedule
    hows the intensoty
    is it manageable for someone with small kids
    Do you like it
    all the details
    Thanks !
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  3. by   picklerick
    Hi there! I am in cohort 28, also at the Temecula campus. I am really enjoying it, all of my professors so far have been amazing and we have a new director who is one of the most amazing women I've ever met!

    Semester 1 is a BREEZE, it's just three classes that are basically gen ed classes.
    Semester 2 and beyond continue to get more difficult as you progress, but that is to be expected with nursing. My current schedule is one day of lecture classes (all three classes on a single day, 12 hour days) and then two clinicals. So it is definitely a lot, it's time consuming, BUT you can do it. There are many people with children in my cohort.
  4. by   Kthompson12
    Thank you for the info ! That is super helpful ! Asking Donna about the expected schedule wasn't very clear, and with a toddler and little one on the way, i want to be sure that i can handle it all. I know the clinical locations very but where did you end up getting yours ?
    Also, do you know if when you submit your application if you have to have your TEAS completed ?
  5. by   picklerick
    Of course! Schedules aren't released until a couple weeks before the semester starts, so that may be why there was lack of clarity with that. It varies so much each semester because our clinical coordinator is basically battling with every other nursing program in southern california, so there is a lot of competition for students to be able to get clinical rotations in each hospital.

    The cohort itself is broken down further into smaller clinical groups. We have groups that have been placed down in San Diego, one in Encinitas, one in Fallbrook, one in San Marcos, and one up in Riverside. There is about a 100 mile stretch in which our clinicals may take place, anywhere from San Diego and up to Riverside. Unfortunately it is all randomized so you can't guarantee being placed in a facility close to home :/ But the clinicals change each semester, so at least it isnt too long term.

    As for the application, you can begin and submit the application at any point in time, but it will not be considered or evaluated until every part is completed. So once all your grades and scores are in, they will do an evaluation in order to give you your points (they admit using a point-based system) and then it is just a waiting game until they send out acceptance emails! But yes, you will need to have your TEAS completed and score submitted in order for them to consider your application complete.

    Also, congrats on another little one on the way! That is so exciting You can do this, it will be tough, but you can do it. Do you have a good support system and family/friends that will be able to help you along the way? That will make all the difference!