Cabrillo College Fall 2018

  1. Hey Guys!

    I wanted to start a thread to see if there are other students who have been accepted to Cabrillo for Fall 2018.

    I've been accepted to Cabrillo and made it passed phase one for Hartnell so, I haven't made my decision on which program, but I feel incredibly blessed to even have a choice.

    Hope to network with you all and get to know any potential, future clasmates!
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  3. by   MurseJ408
    Hey Rachel + anyone else out there who may have been accepted to Cabrillo College for Fall 2018!

    I've been accepted and this is one of my first choices, so I'm definitely excited to have gotten in. Looking forward to connecting with anyone else out there who will be starting in Fall 2018.

    This has been a tough but exciting journey thus far!
  4. by   Rachelface324
    Would you like to tell me about yourself and your journey? I've conquered a lot to get to this place and it's such a great feeling! Have you taken the TEAS already?

    Do you know much about Cabrillo and its program? I've done all my prerequisites at Hartnell and I'm not familiar with Cabrillo other than the counseling office. Haha.
  5. by   MurseJ408
    Yes I totally understand how you feel. I've gone through so much these last 2 years to get to this point and I'm very proud to get to this point and have finally been accepted.

    I have taken the TEAS already and scored an 88% - I didn't feel that it was too difficult, but def had to reach into the high school English archives to remember some grammar terms and rules! Lol

    I'm not too familiar with Cabrillo's program but I've read as much as I can on their website about what we need to do next.

    That's cool you went to Hartnell for your prerequisites, I grew up and went to high school in Salinas so I know people who went there as well. I was thinking of applying to that program but Cabrillo is closer to me since I live in San Jose..
  6. by   Rachelface324
    How funny, I got an 88% too. I did great on all the sections except English. It was strangely difficult for me to grasp some concepts. I'm a great writer, I get straight A's on all my papers. I just could get down the names of words in a sentence and I thought the questions were weird.

    It's a bummer we have to wait until May to take orientation. I've heard great things about Cabrillos program and I'm still torn on whether to go to Hartnell or Cabrillo. But, I'll know for sure by the end of this month. I've accepted the seat at Cabrillo, but I'm glad I have time to give it up if I decide on Hartnell.
  7. by   MurseJ408
    Yeah I've heard great things about Cabrillo too, and feel really lucky to have gotten a seat. It's a very well respected program in the Bay Area so that's a great plus.

    So you'll find out from Hartnell by the end of March if you get in there too?

    I also applied to SFCC and I'll find out within two weeks or so by mail if I got into that program as well. I'm pretty set on Cabrillo though, because I know it's a great school with a great reputation.