BSN "Specializing in an area"

  1. Hello,

    I am 20 years old and am a male nursing student at Kent State University obtaining my BSN. I am starting my clinicals in the fall. However I am just curious how a nurse specializes in an area. I am not sure which area is best for me. That's why I'm asking now before clinicals. I'd like to make my decision to speicialize in one area once I have completed my Junior year clinical roatation.

    I am asking if there are certain steps, or anything a nurse must do to specialize in one area.

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  3. by   guiltysins
    You can only become specialized in an area after you get a Master's Degree or some kind of certification within that area. There are no BSN degrees that offer a specialization, they just teach you general nursing in all fields. Boy do I wish we could specialize in our BSN's lol. Keep an open mind and as you go through your different clinicals, you might find a particular area that sticks with you.
  4. by   NeoNurseTX
    You do this after you graduate. School covers a little bit of everything. If you are hired into a specialized unit, you'll get an orientation to that. Well, you should get an orientation ANYWHERE as a new grad, but specialty units usually give classes. Go through school and learn the basics..give everything a chance.