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:wavey: Hello, I have begun taking pre-requisites for nursing finally. I'm in my forties and wondered if the rumor about nurses with associates is true. Are companies preferring nurses with BSN, and... Read More

  1. by   thatgirl2478
    I'll be 40 when I start nursing school. Whether you can get work with an ADN or NEED your BSN is going to be a region specific (and possibly hospital specific) requirement. I'm in IL and some hospitals will still hire ADN's if they agree to get their BSN in 3 years. Those hospitals will usually help you with some tuition assistance - but you have to agree to work for them for x number of years AND many have GPA requirements too.

    That said, I have a bachelor's and either a BSN or an ADN will take the same amount of time. Even the ABSN is only a few months faster than either the ADN or the BSN (and the school that offers the ABSN is ... questionable). I personally decided that the BSN was the route for me.
  2. by   bookchick
    I am 38, and I'm in my last semester of an ADN program. I just live in a rural area and chose to do it this way. I plan on going on next semester to start my BSN. I've been doing all the general classes for it, so I've just got nursing left once I graduate. It's been great. The hospital I've gotten a job with does want to see a BSN being worked on, so I think I'm on track. Good luck!