BSN degree?

  1. i need help finding an accelerated BSN school that does not require one having a pre-existing bachelors degree seeing as i do not have time for all that at the moment.
    i would really appreciated anything in Oregon, Washington or California.
    thank-you for you're time.
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  3. by   elkpark
    The whole point of accelerated BSN programs is that they are for people who already have a BA/BS in another subject. A big part of why they take so much less time than traditional BSN programs is because you can transfer in a lot of the credits you took for your previous degree. I know that a few people here have mentioned in the past being admitted to an accelerated BSN program without a previous degree, but with nearly all of a BA/BS in something else completed -- but that's the only other option I've ever heard of for getting accepted into an accelerated BSN program.

    Are you close to having another baccalaureate degree, or are you starting "from scratch"? If you don't at least have most of another degree done, I doubt you'll find an accelerated program that will take you.

    (But I'm sure that, if I'm wrong, someone else will come along and correct me. )
  4. by   inthere
    Some ADN programs that have a winter start go for 12 months straight like an accelerated BSN. Check. Out how some of your local colleges do it