1. I was just wondering if anyone has purchased their textbooks online, and if so was it signifigantly cheaper.... Also what sites are you using to order... Thanks

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  3. by   KristaB
    I did a combination this quarter. A few of my books were cheaper at the school bookstore (two, I think) and two I was able to get used at the bookstore. The rest I bought at Barnes & Noble online, since there was no tax and free shipping. I probably saved about 25% overall on the books I bought online, but you really have to be careful about the shipping. A lot of nursing books are *huge* and the online bookstores charge a surcharge on the shipping for them -- it really diminishes the savings. If B&N is still having their buy two books and get free shipping promotion, it would be worth comparing with your bookstore.

  4. by   BrandyBSN
    I tried to find cheaper books online, but it didnt really work. Our university bookstore is a Barnes and Noble, so it is the same price as the website. I also tried varsity books, and effoliet, but they were more expensive than the bookstore here too.

    Luckly, this next semester "Should" be the cheapest Ive had, since only 2 of my classes require books The rest is all at the hospital Yay! The cheapest semester I have had bookwise in school has been 600 bucks!, but next semester should be under 200 then no more! I'll be done

    Good Luck, and if you find a site cheaper than B&N let me know!