Boohoo, Boohoo test score

  1. Took a skills test today and scored a 70!! I am so mad, angry, puzzled, darn... Tried those new test taking skills they teach in first semester. Nope, going back to the old way. I must have over analyzed myself right out of a passing grade!

    The worst part is you don't get to see what you did wrong for several weeks and then there is no questioning the questions. I find this very frustrating since I am usually pretty good at reasoning and just knowing I missed enough to fail is going to haunt me in my sleep for the next few nights.

    Anyone have some good test taking skills they might like to share?
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  3. by   kellyo
    Study groups and using NCLEX review books have helped me. We get together before a test and toss questions back and forth to eachother. Even just going through our notes together "out loud" and discussing a lecture helps. It helps you validate what you heard the instructor say--makes it stick in the head a bit better when you hear the same words from someone else...