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  1. Just had a representative from the State Board of Nursing come down to our 2nd year class and do a presentation on how to register for NCLEX, apply for licensure, as went into licencing and disciplinary actions. Although, nothing was specific, I certainly came away feeling that the Board of Nursing was quite adversarial towards nurses, rather than an advocate. Have any of you encountered this?
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  3. by   orrnlori
    I acutally don't know anyone personally at the Kentucky BON. I do get the KNA newspaper every month and it has all the KNA and BON news, legislative news, etc., in it. My opinion is that they are all a humorless group, that's the kindess thing I can think of to say about them. So I feel about them the same as I feel about the ANA. They don't represent me, only the rules and concerns of others with some sort of bent toward stating they represent me and are here to help me for my own good, like big brother.
  4. by   Carleigh
    Our class visited our state's Board of Nursing last week and heard some interesting cases being presented. We were well-received by the board (our associate director used to be a member). However, we have always had it stressed upon us, both in school and at the board meeting, that the state board exists to "protect the public" and set standards of care for the health professions. I don't expect it to protect me and my license, just to be fair should, heaven forbid, I'm ever called before the board.
    Good luck with your program! I graduate in August and can't wait.
  5. by   elkpark
    Carleigh is right -- the purpose of the board is to protect the public and regulate the practice of nursing, not advocate for nurses (that is the role of the professional organizations ...) However, I have found the BON in my state to be v. supportive of nurses over the years, and a valuable resource for information about what employers can and can't do, what you need to do to protect your license in difficult work situations, etc. They were also v. supportive and helpful with the small, struggling ADN program in which I taught for a few years. You definitely do not want to have appear before the BON for a disciplinary hearing, though ...