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One of my instructors usually doesn't curve grades, but if the class doesn't do very well, she'll throw a few extra points in. The problem is when enough students, like myself, do well enough that... Read More

  1. by   NurseWeasel
    Quote from luv2quilt:)
    How about the student who is flunking med/surg and after the final goes into the instructor's office demanding to see their prior tests, only to find two extra points that the teacher missed, and still needing one point to pass (to go on to clinicals) and the teacher gave the student the point. not fair. :angryfire
    Dood, are you in my class? I'm with ya on that one. Or the instructor who lets slip after 97% of the class witches & whines, that she was TOLD to pass several students who by all rights should have been out on their ears (not even TRYING to submit all assignments - - come ON, people!). Ugh. The politics & drama of nursing school are aggravating, fersher.
  2. by   dansamy
    when we hit the floor, they hit a wall. It was weird but interesting to watch
    Yep. I already know that I've got the book smarts. The people skills are pretty close at hand, too. They need a little work, but they're fair. It's the common sense I need help with. I have gotten better though. I still have to remind myself of some things that other people just seem to know automatically.
  3. by   RNinProgress
    Hey, I confess to being a non-curve blower. I usually score in the average range, but I do not despise the curve blowers, I admire them. No sense in hurting your grade because people like me don't study as much as they should. More power to ya!
  4. by   Mandylpn
    Quote from kids-r-fun
    I have always been extremely greatful that the CC I attended had (and still has) a NO CURVE grading policy.
    The letter grade directly related to the score with no + or - letter grades:
    A= 90-100
    B= 80-89
    C= 70-79
    D= 60-69
    F= 59 & below

    Wow, At my school 80% is a "C" :uhoh21:
  5. by   IMustBeCrazy
    I'm there with the curve blowers too .

    That being said, most of the whiners and complainers are those that can always find an excuse not to study or put in the effort required, with a few notable exceptions. I am especially p.o.'d at several girls in my class that complain non-stop about their grades (they are near failing). BUT.....they are able to have enough time to 'go out' every Friday and Saturday night. And tell the class of their exploits ad nauseum. Then, they find my study group with their special panic radar when they need notes from the numerous days in class they have missed. Believe me, I am getting good at politely saying 'no'. I am a kind person, but people are sorely mistaken if they confuse my kindness as their own personal doormat.

    In the end they are cheating themselves since they are well on their way from being kicked from the program when they all have just a year to go. I will never understand why people will do that when they have worked so hard to get into the program in the first place. /boggle