Blood Flow

  1. Can anyone help me out......I have to draw two word diagrams for A&PII. The first one is to draw the capillaries of the left thumb to the capillaries of the right thumb. The second diagram is to draw from the bicuspid valve to the tricuspid valve by way of the right side of the brain. Now I've looked in my textbook and I keep getting stuck. I've also tried searching on Google for some help but I didn't get many results pertaining to my questions. So if anyone could give me any suggestions that would be great! Thanks!
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  3. by   RNIAM
    Maybe you can hit the library and look at some A&P books there? Good luck!
  4. by   OB/GYN NP
    Hi Kerry! When I took Anatomy and Physiology, one of the optional books I purchased was called the anatomy and physiology coloring book. It had very detailed pictures of every organ system in the body, all of them labeled extremely well. You may be able to find this book at the library, as it has been out for a few years. You also may be able to find it on I know I've seen it in Barnes and Noble before (in the actual bookstore), so you may be able to find it online at, but books usually take 3-4 days to arrive from either or Even if you can't get this book in time to help with your current assignment, I would still highly recommend it. Mine is very worn, but after 12 years in nursing, I still refer to mine. Hope this helps! Good luck on your assignment!
  5. by   amblessing
    Usually your textbook will have a "map" of the circulatory system. Try this site:
    It shows all of the veins and arteries and their names. You could just trace the flow of blood from point A to point B. Good Luck!