1. Hello fellow students! Old-Master here with a question......

    I am going to be taking biochemistry in the summer, I bought the book a head of time and started studying.

    Now, I am feeling a little overwhelmed! Biochem is hard!!! But has allowed me to see what the world is really made up of! I see how it interrelates to the field of nursing.....

    So, can anyone tell me how they lived through this course, or is the one in nursing school biochem less taxing than the book?
    old-master has spoken.....
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  3. by   kcasey
    Yes, I remember Biochem and I really liked it. The nursing version is trimmed down however, they do go over most of the material. Our professor was a guest professor from Fermi Lab and it was a very interesting course. I was especially interested in organic chemistry. I think it is an excellent idea to go through your book and familiarize yourself with the material. By chance can you get an old syllabus and take a peak into the course outline which might help you focus your attention on certain areas/required reading? Are there any workbooks that go along with the text that are optional? Most people in our class found it to be really interesting and a nice change from A&P, and the other nursing classes.

    Good luck!
  4. by   colleen10
    Making it through Bio Chem, hmmmm......

    When I took it I was in a class of about 250 people and it was very hard to concentrate on the instructor.

    Being very poor in any/all Chemistry disciplines I prayed to the allmighty "C" god. "C" God meaning I would get the very minimum to pass and never have to take it again.