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    SO im in this Bio class that Im having a lot of trouble with lately. We have at least four essays to write every week, which is fine, I can do that, its just the last paragraph, we have to write an application paragraph using the vocab from the section, demonstrating higher learning & showing how what we learned could be applied in a professional medical field. Well, I dont work in a professional medical feild and never have, so i have no idea how to do this. I emailed my teacher explaining Im having trouble (this is an online class..) and this is what she sent:

    You are not alone. The application paragraph is difficult for many students.
    I suggest that after you google to look for information, you stop and think about how the human body works.
    The ideas for application paragraphs need to come from you- you cannot find original thoughts on the internet. What we are looking for are your thoughts and ideas regarding how you might use the information you gained from the lesson. You must demonstrate a higher level of thinking, a synthesis of the concepts presented in the lesson and your own thoughts regarding those same concepts.

    I dont have any original thoughts on mitosis & meosis, I just understand how they work!! I wanted to know if any of you had any advice on this or any tips on how to figure this out, i would appreciate it tremendously!

    These are the questions I have to write my essays on:

    1. Describe the similarities and differences between the two types of nuclear division mechanisms that occur in eukaryotes (mitosis and meiosis). Use a chromosome number of 46 in your explanation.
    2. Why is it necessary for mitosis to result in identical "daughter cells?" What happens when the daughter cells are not identical to the parent cell? What is this called?

    Well I already answered these questions, I just dont know how to apply it to a medical backround and show "higher level thinking" ... maybe im not higher level, maybe im just average, but I am having so much trouble with this! Please help

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  3. by   Psqrd
    Refer back to reproduction...ovum and sperm and how they divide to get to the 23 chromo each. That is the best example that I can think of for m and m as I like to call it.
    When the divisions do not occur correctly what kind of health problems can a child have??
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