Best Drug Guide App for nursing school?

  1. Any recommendations for a solid drug guide app for nursing school. The Davis drug guide looks nice and was wondering if there is anything better?
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  3. by   Cupcake2018
    I downloaded the Davis Drug Guide for Nurses from the Apple App Store as a continuously updated subscription for $39.99/year. Prior to this, I did some research to answer the same questions as you. This app is specifically created for RNs, so it has all of the information that you will need in this role. Includes side effects, dosage information, lab work to consider, necessary assessments (nursing) that need to be considered when a patient is taking a particular drug, contraindications, and so forth. I have found that Davis is very comprehensive but succinct. Some of the other drug guide apps out there are created for the public for general use and you can't always trust the sources used to provide information on those types of apps. There are also more in-depth apps like the PDR, but this is completely unnecessary for RN use. The PDR is more suited for prescribers like MDs, PAs, and APRNs who need to know extra information like the chemical composition of a drug and whatnot.

    One thing to consider before subscribing to an app is whether or not you will be allowed to use it. I am pretty sure my school won't allow us to use any form of digital media during clinical, but I subscribed anyway because it's useful for everything else. However, you might be allowed to use it once you become an RN. Nursing schools seem to have more rules and they are very 'by the book', but I know that a lot of people use apps and mobile devices (for work-related purposes) once they go to work as an RN. Depends on the employer and how up-to-date they are.
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  4. by   Ramcharger310
    Thank you for that information. Luckily our clinical instructors do allow mobile devices.
  5. by   futurexrn
    Thank you for the information!!