1. I'm currently an LPN in a bridge to BSN program. I am completely blown away with the way my grades are at the school of nursing. When I was in community college I did not do very well in the LPN diploma program. Granted there was a lot going on in my life at the time I found that classes were much harder at the community college that I attended. Now everyone asks how I do so well in school. Truthfully, I balance my school work, work schedule, and time for myself and family.. if I feel stressed out I don't do well in any areas that important in my life. I drink a glass of wine every night to wind down, take at least 3 hot baths each week, and spend as much time as I can enjoying the company of my daughter. I read my books and study from lecture notes * often reviewing lecture and rewriting power points. I love nursing and I want to be great, but I refuse to be burnt out before I begin my career.
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    good for you. The only thing I worry about is turning to booze to relax you. Eventually it will take a higher and higher "dose" to get the same effect. Just be careful. I am glad you have the insight to recognize that if you do not take care of you, then you will not achieve your goals.
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    I feel the same way. If I get into an argument at home, I can't concentrate on homework. Everything relates to one another and it's important to take care of everything going on in your life. Balance is key!