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I had a bad day today. I am repeating the first semester of nursing school I just took my last unit test tonight I got a 73% which is failing. I do have a 80% overall. But I still have my final worth... Read More

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    Well, looks like I won't be graduating until May 2005. I have to repeat Adult Nursing II in the summer, then I'll go on to OB/Peds in the fall, with spring being my last semester. It's been very depressing, but I will survive.
    Oh hon, I'm so sorry. I also was originally supposed to graduate Dec 2004, but with several things happening to me with my personal life (Grandmother passed away in November, I had the flu, daughter had the flu, I had strep twice...) I didn't turn in 3 5 point homework assignments. I didn't realize that I needed a 73% in my homework average and 73% in my exam grades to pass the course. I thought it was just a 73% total. I actually received a 84% in the class, but because I was .02% below 73% in homework they didn't pass me. :uhoh21: If I would have just realized that new rule they added (winter semester - apparently I printed the syllabus before they switched it over???) I could have e-mailed the assignments to my instructor. I could have just kicked myself! I also didn't realize I didn't pass the class until right before my next semester began. I was absolutely devistated! I wanted to just quit then and there. I cried and cried. My husband and friends really helped me through that time. I don't know what I would have done without them. The up side to it was I had to pull my kids out of the home daycare they were attending due to some really serious issues that were going on there and it took me 4 months to find another one I could trust. My friend helped me out so much with them. I could never have asked her to watch my kids all the hours I would have spend at school and rotations, that just wouldn't have worked for her. I didn't have to repeat my clinicals from that semester, just my theory. I had a really relaxing semester.