Background Checks ?

  1. Please bear with me.
    I am new to this board, and need some information before I put out money for tuition at our local nursing program.
    I am a mother of a combined family of children, some adopted, some birth. We have two grown boys, and five still at home. Our adopted children (for the sake of distinction here only) came with an immense amount of "baggage" ( all foster/adoptive children do I have been a parent for 16 years, a foster parent for 15, and have never been in this situation before.
    I have one child that has been extremely difficult to parent <attachment disorder BIG time>, failing all classes in school for past 2 years <though school says she is "capable" of passing>, she is 14 years old.
    I slapped her in March, for lying to us, leaving school when she was not supposed to, and forging a teacher's signature. <I KNOW, I know, I know..............NEVER discipline a child in anger
    There was a bruise, and to make this already long story a little shorter, after all has been said and done, I know have an "indicated" child abuse in the New York State central clearance registry.
    The county was very thorough in their investigation, pulling no "favors" out just because I had been a foster parent for years <just stopped fostering Feb. 2001>. I was honest from the beginning of the investigation, and was not shocked in the least of the finding.
    No further action was taken, no criminal charges filed, and no plan of action for this child implemented <though we are in therapy to try and get a handle on coping, since this occured>.

    This was a one-time incident, and I know that is no "excuse".

    I am not looking for encouragement, nor condemnation, believe me, I am condeming myself more than enough already.

    My question is how will this affect me becoming a nurse?

    Any insght, or information will be greatly appreciated.

    I am sorry for the drawn out details
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  3. by   meownsmile
    All i am familiar with is my state, and im not sure how each state handles things. In my state, anyone that has care of a "ward of the state" be it a developmentally disabled person or whatever have to be registered in what they call a habilitation aide registry.
    In my state if they find cause to discharge you from a job etc. for any complaint of abuse/neglect etc. you are tagged on the registry(regardless of findings). I dont know that it would cause you to not be able to work under direct supervision, but for you to be left sole charge of patients or individuals might be a different story. I suggest you call your state department of nursing, or whoever licenses your states nurses and inquire about how that issue might be handled. Most states have a 800 number. You should also be able to find a link on the internet with a phone number if you go to your states homepage and look for whatever agency licenses your states nurses.