Back to school on Wed.

  1. Hi guys! Just thought I'd check in with my cyber family. I feel a lot better today,and I also went to see my Doctor. He said my chest pains were probably stress related,but to be on the safe side,he upped the dosage of the beta-blocker that I take which is atenelol for angina from 50mgs. a day to 75 mgs. a day for pain control. Oh yeah, bt the way,I start back to LPN school for my last rotation before graduation!! I hope I do well. Then state boards.YIKES!!!!!!!! Keep thinking about me and I'll keep all of you updated. Love you all, Warrior Woman.
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    Hi Theresa! I'm glad you're feeling better! Good luck to you on your last leg of school!

    WHere are you going to school? I'm in Toledo.

  4. by   warrior woman
    Heather, You won't believe this, but I'm going to the Toledo School of Practical Nursing!! This world is a lot smaller than I thought!!! Where do you work? I'm sooooo curious.Take care.Warrior Woman.
  5. by   Weinzel
    COngrats on your last semesters of school!! I just started LPN school last Wednesday, and I'm so excited and interested in everything so far, my instructor is really great. Anyway, good luck and let me know how everything goes thru the year!