Bachelors Prior to Nursing School

  1. I currently have a Bachelors and Master in Business, but headed back to attend Nursing school for my RN. I am currently considering a 2 year program for my associates in nursing, and then a BSN later. Are there any thoughts out there on how this will be viewed to potential employers? Will they disregard the Bachelors all together because its business focused instead of clinically focused? Or will they look at this as life experience in a positive way? For some additional reference I am currently a Director in HR (miserably I might add)

    Just wanting thoughts on how hospitals will view this.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   amber14
    I already have a BA as well, and I am going straight for the ABSN program. You already have your MA, which is fantastic! Employers will mostly look at your MA as a positive life experience, but the bottom line is how good are you on the clinical floor. Although you have excelled in academia, if you are competing with someone that has an ADN or a BSN and has clinical experience already, then you might not get hired. I would go straight for the ABSN program. In my opinion, why downgrade when you have already acheived so much? There are also schools where you can get your MA in nursing. I would encourge for you to look into those options. Also, you already have experience in being a director, which can be quite valuable if you get your BSN because then you could have a better chance of being a charge nurse in the future. Best of luck!
  4. by   katyq82
    I think it depends on your life circumstances and the job market in your area. I have a BA and 10 years of work experience in a non-healthcare field, and when I decided to go back to school for nursing I originally planned to do a ABSN or even direct-entry ABSN/MSN. However, I have two kids at home and needed to continue working while in school. The time commitment and cost for the ABSN programs near me just were not doable. I ended up choosing the community college- great local reputation and high NCLEX pass rates, night/weekend program which makes the rest of my life manageable, and very low tuition. I'm halfway through and I am happy with my decision. Hospitals in my area (New England, not Boston area) do want BSN nurses but will consider ASN prepared nurses who are enrolled in a Bachelor's program. So when I graduate I will enroll in an online ASN to BSN program. Different areas of the country have radically different job markets and outlook for ASN versus BSN, you will have to do your research and see what makes sense for you. Good luck!
  5. by   mckenney702
    Katyq- I am in the same situation. I have two kids and need to work some during the program. I am in the same area as you (NH) but have yet to find a night/weekend program. I would be interested in which program you attend. My plan is the same- to enroll in a BSN program and hope that my life experience and enrollment in a BSN program shows my commitment to being a good RN