Awesome used book site!

  1. I know the semester is almost over, but I just bought my Chemistry and Med term. books for my summer classes at this great site I found:

    I got my books used, that would have cost me over $100 used at my bookstore, on this site for $12.78 together! Plus, they are a non profit that helps fund literacy programs in underserved countries. They accept book donations to sell too, for those books you don't want to save.

    I liked it so much, I went back later and bought several more books, older Med Surg texts, RNotes, Pharmacology study guide...all for less than $5.oo each and they offer free shipping standard.

    I get so excited when I score, just wanted to share!
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  3. by   kab76
    thanks for the heads up! I'm currently looking for some used textbooks, will definitely check out your site.
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  5. by   benegesserit
    I've used them too, and like them a lot. My only caveat would be to be sure to order well before the start of the semester, as they ship media mail, and it can take an awfully long time to get the books if you're not located relatively close to them.

    (Of course, the same holds true of most secondhand booksellers.)
  6. by   sproeber89
    I've used for my general ed classes, got an entire semester worth of books for about $20. However, for my nursing classes I realized that all my books are going to be used time and time and time again. On the internet I can't see how in shape their in so I want to get ones that won't fall apart possibly. But for some classes they're nice!
  7. by   cursedandblessed
    ita i've had great luck with bwb, i found out about them through and found their own site. i've bought from them many times and never had more than a week wait from ordering to my mailbox. i've gotten all of my reveiws and rationales, and my test success books from them.

    i'd advise at least two weeks before semester starts for purchasing from any used seller just in case though.