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  1. So our school is making the switch to ATI and moving away from ERI. We will be the first class to take it.

    I was just wondering if during the proctored tests if they are similar to the practice tests (format wise) where the question will tell you whether or not you got the question right or wrong plus a rationale? And if not, when will it tell you right from wrong
    With rationales? I really liked that about ATI on their practice tests. It helped guide by thinking and studying. Overall, this test seems so much better than ERI.

    Anyways, thanks in advance everyone.
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  3. by   pharmgirl
    No, the ATI proctored tests will not tell you the answer after you check the box. In fact, I'm not even sure you can go back to look at the answers after the proctored is over. Aside from that, the proctored tests are exactly the same format as the practice tests. Same layout, same question style.

    I hope you like ATI, we started using it during 1st year and I dont know whether our school just doesn't know how to use it or what but to us students, its just one more thing to do. ATI did come in this year and show us around the site more and gave us a better idea of the capabilities of the software/website/focused exams. So maybe with that a little more clear we will like it more than we did last year.

    Good Luck!!
  4. by   rksgray13
    I love love love ATI. I am about to take more tests today. We started with them after ERI too. The proctored exams do not tell you whether or not you got them correct. Instead you will have a print out of what you did not get right in the form of summary. You don't get the question you missed but rather a chapter to go back to read. Our instructors made us go back and write down something about what we missed from ATI before we could take our final. No one has ever made below a 78 doing this.
    ATI came to us twice since I've been in school to "tutor" us on their site. They also provide a review before you take the NCLEX if you wish. I think you might have to pay for it, not sure. I asked the representative if ATI was easier questions or harder questions than the NCLEX. He showed us a "score" of someone that made a 95% on their ATi and passed the NCLEX. He said they strive to be more than the NCLEX. I have taken the NCLEX before for LPN and the ATI runs a tight race with it. LOVE ATI. It's great practice and you can take it as many times as you needs witha focused review. At then end of our program.. which is about 8 weeks for me.... we take a comprehensive test called a RN predictor. I'm excited to take it. I want to know where I stand with it.
  5. by   cursedandblessed
    No answers and rationales, but you get a report telling you what you're weak in. Apparently I know nothing about babies. I haven't even had the mental health nursing class and got 100% of those right. LOL
  6. by   melmarie23
    the ATI practice exams will tell you if you got the question right or wrong and give you the rationales, but the proctored exams no.