Assessment frameworks?!?

  1. I'm desperately hoping somebody can help me.
    I'm doing 1st year nursing and this is the only thing I'm really struggling with. We keep get these case scenarios and have to choose "the most appropriate framework" for assessment, and I'm completely confused.
    I've looked everywhere for info, but I keep coming to dead ends.
    I did a case study using Gordon's 11 functional health patterns a couple of weeks ago, but I've got no results back yet and I'm not sure that would be "appropriate" this time anyway.
    Basically I've got an elderly man who has cataracts and has been injuring himself through falls etc. It's got some info about living with his wife and that's about it!

    I just dont quite understand when your supposed to use different frameworks, like Body Systems, Head-to-toe, Gordon's etc. Or should I just be doing some sort of focussed assessment based on the primary problem (cataracts??)

    I'm so lost...I hope somebody can help out here. Thanks in advance.
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