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  1. Has anyone ever taken the "assess test"? We have to take it at the beginning of next semester. They use it as a judge to see if we get the clinical placement we want or if we have to do med surg. We have to make a 64 or so... I'm not sure if that is a percentile like on the NLN or if that is a percentage right- wrong.

    They said to practice NCLEX questions in order to do well on it... but how do you judge from that... anyway just wondering before I spend all of Christmas break killing myself doing NCLEX questions? LOL Also, B&N has a book called Mosbys Assess Test... do you think it's the same thing or would be helpful to study it?

    :roll OH and YEAH this semester is OVER!!!! :roll
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  3. by   essarge
    Which assess test is it? We had to do the Saunder's assesstest (all one word) for two of our classes. If this is the one that you need to be prepared for PM me, I can give you some information about it.
  4. by   fourbirds4me
    not sure which assess test it is... we have been quietly kept in the dark about it... LOL but what's new. I would appreciate any information you have.