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  1. Hey all!

    Just wanted to see if there were were any ASU nursing students out there?? I will be starting upper division downtown in August :hatparty: (finally!) and was looking for any tips/words of wisdom/bits of information anyone might be able to provide. Or better yet, if any one will be starting downtown this fall with me?? I would love to hear from you!
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  3. by   Amburgerz12
    Congrats, how is your first semester going??? I am just finishing up my pre-reqs for ASU and am looking into taking the NET test and the essay. If you aren't too busy, can you please give me some advice on what the essay is about? Good luck with Nursing school, from what I have read, as long as you can get through the first semester, then you can do it.
  4. by   pooshx2
    You should ask this question on the Local - AZ forum. I am an AZ student, but up in Flagstaff, not down south. Good luck!

  5. by   carmeenoe
    Hey, I saw your post and was wondering if you applied to ASU yet? I'm finishing up my prereq this semester and will be applying this Dec. If you got in let me know and if you could give me some tips that would be great. Thanks.
  6. by   Cfitz
    Ewwww, ASU Scumdevils!! Just kidding - way back in the day I was an AZ Wildcat - yay Wilbur!! I grew up in AZ but haven't lived there for many years now. I just graduated from nursing school in NC.

    Say hay to Phoenix for me - I miss it!!