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  1. hello I am new it is nice to talk to some people who have the same interest as i do and that is nursing..I am taking my pre-req. here in Georgia and i plan on entering the nursing program this fall..I am really scared..because i hear the horror stories and the prices for books..that is a mortg. can i get some ideas..i am 25 married and i have 2 small kids..
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  3. by   Jennerizer
    Apply for financial can do that online & at least see what you are approved for--you might be surprised at the amount of grants they will offer you. I have a friend with 2 kids & all of her schooling is paid for through these grants & she's only going for her A.A. degree at this time.

    Check with your school for scholarships to apply for.......many are just for nursing students. Start putting money aside. The books & classes are expensive...this is my first semester starting & it is probably going to cost between $1200 to 1500 by the time I pay for my classes, get all of the required books, uniform, shoes & other necessities they require. I don't think that's too bad considering last semester all I had was microbiology and AP II & that totaled $1000 between the classes & books. Why are the books so darn expensive? Grrrrrrrrrr.

    Good luck!!

  4. by   shad
    thanks..i am going to apply for financial aid..i was just waiting until my actual nursing started...i am so seems like every time i tried to start school...i got i am just praying that everything will work out for me..because nursing is where my heart is just scary to hear about the great demand for nurses..but nobody wants to greatly increase pay!!!