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  1. Hey all,

    I'm new to allnurses.com and need some help. I have been working as an Certified Medical Assistant for about 10 years now and done everything from hospital work as a CNA to my now long term position in a busy OB/GYN Practice. I have had my pre-requisites done for Truckee Meadows Community College now for 2 years, but they keep changing their acceptance policies, pre-requisites and don't allow you to take classes like nurition or pharmacology without acceptance into the RN program, I am out of classes to take and have yet to get accpeted. Also TMCC has NO flexibility in their classes. Once you are accepted to their program you attend school M-Th 0800-1700 meaning a working mother can't go to school and hold a full-time job and be a mom. Soooooo............. I have decided to use my inheritance and a few small student loans to attend Apollo College of Nursing.

    Now, I have heard some good and some bad things about Apollo and would appreciate any 1st hand experience any of you are willing to share. If anyone can type an example of their typical day at Apollo I would REALLY appreciate that. I 've talked with a few people at Apollo and all of them tell me that I have to wait until my information session before I can find out the answers to my VERY important questions.

    1. How long does it take to graduate once you finish all the pre-requisites?
    2. Do they accept transfer credits?
    3. What are the pre-requisites?
    4. Is there any financial aid other than student loans, grants, scholarships etc..?
    5. Since I have most of my pre-requisites done can I start 2nd semester and enter all nursing classes?
    6. Can I jump ahead and take more classes etc.?
    7. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT.........What are the class hours, clinical hours etc. Can I continue to work in a private medical practice even if on a part-time basis ex. do they have night classes?

    I love my current job and really love working for the physician that I work with and don't want to quit my job if I can avoid it. Because I work for a practice and our schedule books out months in advance I want to get our office schedule arranged around my class schedule ASAP. Any help is REALLY APPRECIATED!!!!!!
    Anxiously Awaiting Responses,

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  3. by   BodyAsMachine
    Did you Decide to attend an information Session? What did you learn?
  4. by   CaliJessXoxo
    Hi I am now considering Apollo/Carrington ! I wanted to know if you have since been in the program & what the answers were to your questions, bc I have those questions too & can't attend the info session until they start again At the end of August?! Any advice or info or opinions you can share with me would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!! Jess
  5. by   Leilani1983
    I am attending the info session Aug. 24th but have had a few conversations with the director of admissions and she's answered a bunch of these questions for me...here's a few....

    There are 6 semesters, each 15 weeks long with a week long break in the middle.

    The first 3 semesters are strictly pre-reqs. Clinicals start your 4th semester.

    They do take transfers, but which classes, I'm not exactly sure. I do know that the transfers have to be submitted at the same time that you are applying and that there is a strict deadline. For the January 3 start, the deadline is sometime the end of November. Once you have been accepted, you can no longer submit transfers.

    The class times differ depending on the class. She told me that some are once a week from 8am-12pm and others may be split up (ex. 2 times weekly, only 2 hours each) She specifically said 3:30pm-5:30pm.

    She also told me that the August semester specifically had around 100 applicants and they only take the top 32. This is based mostly on your hesi entrance exam. So pretty much the exam is key. They will tell us which study guides to use at the info session. There is also an interview and I think you have to write a letter/essay??? I was told that part by a friend of mine who recently applied. My friend also told me that she hasn't gotten her acceptance letter yet. I asked the director if that was typical to find out so late and she said "yes". They still haven't sent out the letters. So pretty much, you don't know if you're in until a few weeks before you're scheduled to start.

    Hope this helps answer some of your questions Maybe I will see you at the info session.