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i currently have a psychology degree and was 2.5 years thru a chiropractic degree when i had a baby.... chiro school is out now, but i hate for all that education (ugh all that studying - all the... Read More

  1. by   mafiamom
    Quote from sam027000
    The program I am in is 13 months long. We had a 4 day break (Fri-Mon) in April, get another 4 day break in September, and will have off Christmas Eve-Christmas Day. The program Began in Jan 2007 and concludes Feb 2008. It is definitely fly by the seat of your pants and pray that the info sticks in your head. So far I am making all A's, but probably would not do it again. The added stress makes me doubt myself and nursing as a career too frequently, when before the program I was 100% confident in my abilities as a student and my decision to be a nurse.
    WOW! that is just NUTS - 13 months may be a bit TOO accelerated.... i dont blame you in the least for doubting, that is just so much information crammed into your head at once - i cant imagine keeping it all in there!

    GL to you, you can do this!!!
  2. by   Student_Nurse_WV
    I am sending in my application tomorrow for an accelarated BSN program. It lasts 18 months (summer, fall, spring, summer,fall). I am hoping to get in! You have to apply a year in advance. My application deadline is by July 1st 2007 for the May 2008 program start date. Thankfully, I will find out soon after if I am accepted or not. The school said I should know by the first week in July and have to let them know by August 1st whether I am attending or not. It is at a private school so it is crazy expensive, but it will be worth it! If I don't get into the program, I will apply to an ADN program.

    Good luck to everyone else in the ABSN programs!
  3. by   BlaineCM
    I have 5 weeks left in a 13 month ABSN program. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done. However, it is doable. First semester was the hardest because of trying to get into the swing of things. We didn't lose anyone from our program. A couple of girls got pregnant towards the end of the program. They are doing fine. Some people worked as student helpers and were still able to get their grades up. If we fall below a 3.0 we cannot graduate.
  4. by   cyjoo830
    Quote from Liz520
    I just got accepted into an accelerated program in CA. I start in January and will have my second degree 15 months later. I'm nervous about the cost, 30K for tuition plus I'll have to take out loans to live off of while in school. If you do go into one of these programs, you will not be able to work. I think it will be worth it though. My program in called EENAP through Azusa Pacific Univeristy. Good luck!
    I am going into the EENAP program for 2010 and was wondering what your experience was like. Are you at the San Bernardino campus? What is your daily/weekly schedule like? I live an hour away from San Bernardino and am wondering what my days are going to be like. Do you like your classes and instructors?
    Thank you!
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    This is a 2-year-old thread ...
    On June 1st, I'll start mine, a 12-month program broken into 3 semesters with 4 weeks + 3 days off total, including Thanksgiving & X'mas breaks and Labor Day, Martin Luther King Jr., & Presidents Day holidays. The hectic schedule will give free time a whole new meaning. But many people before us have survived it, and many people after us will pursue it. Therefore, you and I can do it.
  6. by   cyjoo830

    Thank you for your response. I didn't even bother to look at the date. Congratulations! Which campus will you be attending? Do you have any idea of what the daily or weekly schedule is like? I've posted a few threads regarding the eenap program at apu, but nobody seems to respond. I'm wondering if there is just not that much people in the program or do they keep you that busy.

    Thank you!