Anyone research immunizations?

  1. I am writing a research paper on childhood immunizations; I am evaluating claims that there are specific health risks associated with vaccines. I am focusing my paper on Autism, SIDS, and autoimmune disorders. I have found a great number of reports disproving a link between these disorders and vaccines but I am having difficulty finding many scientific findings supporting anti-immunization activist claims that there is a link. I was wondering if any of you are familliar with fairly recent research that I can use for my paper. Or point me in the right direction for resources. I find that most of the anti-immunization activists lack the scientific studies to support their position...I am still looking for a report that proves a strong connection. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    The forum does not allow research on these sites. terms of service are at the bottom of this page.

    My suggestion would be to enter into a search engine like a phrase such as anti immunization and you should get several hundred sites. As far as pro immunization the CDC site has a lot on that.