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  1. Hi All,

    I am a second year student doing a diploma in childrens nursing at Northumbria University. I am married to an American who moved back to the US last week, due to an absolute lack of jobs over here. I am in a dilema as to whether to join him and do my course over there, or finish off here, then move. Could anybody contact me if they know anything about UK/US transfers, either at this point or later. I don't seem to be able to get any information about whether the UK children's nursing diploma is recognized over there, or if there is some way to transfer now.

    I would appreciate any information or advice!!

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    Pros and Cons...

    WAIT: If you finish your nursing education and get licensed in another country you may need to pass the CGFNS exam in order to qualify for a position as a nurse here in the US (altho there are a few states who don't require it). When you get hired in the US you will still need to pass the NCLEX. This is quite a lenghty process.

    GO AHEAD, MOVE ON: If you continue your nursing education here in the US, all you need to pass is the NCLEX after completing the program. However, I don't know what nursing credits you have acquired can be grandfathered to the nursing school of the state you will be living in. You may need to correspond with the state's Board of Nursing.

    Try this search engine to find the address.... and type US Board of Nursing

    Good Luck!