Anyone have to do reading outlines? How do you do yours?

  1. I am transferring from a part-time class to a full-time class this week, and my new teacher just gave me the assignments I'll have to turn in my first day. She asked for an outline of a reading assignment. I have a basic idea of how to do that, but I really want to impress her on my first I want to make sure I do it correctly. Anyone have any tips or advice, or can share how they do their outlines?

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  3. by   Daytonite
    I would start by making a skeleton outline. That is, just go through the entire reading and write down the main headings and sub headings and form them into the basic skeletal outline. The sub headings should be indented under the main headings. Then, go back through the material and really read it for comprehension. As you read the assignment you then expand and list the ideas under those headings. Try to look for one sentence in each paragraph that gives the main idea of that paragraph if you can.
  4. by   StarNurse2006
    Thanks, that helped immensely, and I think it turned out pretty good!