Anyone going to school in Daytona Beach???

  1. Hello.

    Just wanted to check and see if anyone here is going to school in Daytona Beach Florida. I just applied and will find out about orientation sometime in July.

    Was wondering if anyone could give some information on in which ones are good (as in helping the students LEARN) and which ones I may want to try to avoid.....


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  3. by   Jennerizer
    Hey fellow classmate,

    I am starting my 2nd semester nursing at DBCC in the fall. For first semester......I highly recommend Annesi at the Deland Campus.....she is wonderful. The only other one I've had experience with is Lear.....eeekkkk...stay far away from her, unless you enjoy having someone read the book to you & the test material be totally different than what she's teaching. I think at least 50% of her class failed, if not more.

    I also recommend getting a blood pressure cuff & a stethoscope so you can start learning how to take bp accurately. That is one of the first skills you will learn in lab. Better to be comfortable with it as soon as possible.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. by   Shiva_Las_Vegas
    Hey Jen,

    Thanks for the info! I will definately try to stay away from Lear doesn't make any sense to me that an instructor would be that way.

    Oh well.

    And getting a blood pressure cuff & a stethoscope sound like good advice. I will look into that ASAP.

    Just curious. When you applied to the program, did you have a long wait or were you able to start pretty much right away? I've been hearing conflicting stories on that......

    I'm just getting antsy I guess. This waiting to find out when I can start is killing me.
  5. by   Jennerizer
    I think I was one of the lucky ones...I applied in September & got my acceptance letter in the beginning of November & orientation was in December. Classes began in January. It is best to get all of your pre-req's & co-req's out of the way before starting as nursing classes/labs/clinicals will take up a lot of your time.

    The way in which I got to see the teaching styles of Annesi & Lear was.......Annesi had a baby in the beginning of March. So we were sent to the Daytona campus for lectures with Lear. The difference is night & day......not only in the teaching style, but also in knowledge & helpfulness. If we questioned Lear on something, she'd simply say "Anywayyyyyyyyy..." and then go on with her teaching. It was awful. I think we even lost a couple of students in our class because of how terrible that class was.

    When is your orientation? Have you already been accepted or did you just apply in May?
  6. by   Shiva_Las_Vegas
    I just applied in May, so I haven't received my letter yet with the news. I should find out something within the next 2-3 weeks.

    Right now I'm taking A&P 2 with Dr. Doolin. I'm signed up to take Microbiology in the fall so if I get to start Nursing Classes in January, the only classes I will have left is English 102 and Humanities. That shouldn't be too bad.......

    You will have to let me know how things are going when you start classes in the fall. Did you have to take any classes in the summer or did you have the summer off?
  7. by   kat57

    I will be entering the LPN program in Jan. 04. I was hoping to take the Basic A&P before the program but I work during the day and this is only offered days since Erhardt is the only instructor so I will have to take it during the program. I know it will be difficult but I'm just ecstatic that I'm in. Anyone else out there taken Basic A&P during the course ???? I am also waiting for my letter for orientation. Good luck.
  8. by   Jennerizer
    If you start your first nursing class in the fall, you do have a 6 week class to take the following summer. If you start in January, you get summer off the first year, but in the 2nd year, you will have the 6 week class to take the following summer. Basically, if you start in January, it will take 8 months longer to get your degree (because you get one summer semester off). The break seems like it's sooooooo long, which in a way it is since it's a 4 month break. I think I like it better this way though, because you do get some time off in the summer.....time to rest & relax!

    Good luck with micro........with my micro class, it wasn't too bad, but the final exam in lab was a tough one.