Anyone ever feel like you are working harder than everyone else in school? :(

  1. hello everyone, I have been in nursing school for almost a year and feel like i am working harder than everyone in my class...and i still struggle. I want this more than anything. I am in an accelerated 2 year program and i am 21 years old. I am one of the youngest in the school. I get along with my professors and day chair. They all seem to love me. They all know me by my name and always tell me how great of a student i am. Whenever i do poorly its like they all know. They think i am one of those students who doesn't really have to "study"....little do they know...Ill just say this program isn't for the weak and procrastinators. I stay after class and study upstairs, get help from tutors. go to open lab. I am the only student who ever went to open lab in my class. Some days i feel like i am burning out. I see something once i have to do it over and over again to get it right. I spent an entire weekend learning to do a full neuro assessment and muscular-skeletal assessment because no one in my class knew how and one of us had to perform it in our test outs to pass clinical. People underestimate me all the time. Maybe its because i am young. But i swear i feel like i am killing myself studying while the rest of my class just seems to know it or just doesn't seem to care. Just does did anyone feel "alone?" my first two terms it was a breeze, but this term just nipped me in the butt. I am trying and its almost over but i think about the coming terms and get overwhelmed. Not saying i am going to give up but just need some reassurance. Sorry for such the long post but would love to hear some of your stories. Much appreciated
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  3. by   FutureNurseErica
    First of all...DON'T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF! Different people handle learning and stress in different ways so don't worry about how you perceive others. When it comes down to the care you will provide when you become a nurse, you and your knowledge will be the only thing that counts. Take comparison out of the equation and I promise you that the pressure will decrease. Contrary to what people on the outside think, nursing is not an easy field to study. You have already accomplished more than people who don't even try so don't beat yourself up about how long it takes you to master a concept.

    You will be ok and you will make it! Many times, it is our own thoughts of ourselves and our capabilities that make learning more difficult. Start thinking more positively. When you get to a difficult concept, utilize all your resources and tell yourself that you will learn it because you will.
  4. by   MamaNanii
    It may seem like you're alone, but one thing that I've noticed as I get to know my classmates better is that everyone is feeling the same way. I'll hear comments like "I'm just going to lie down on the floor and cry now" and similar comments from students that I thought had it all together. Then I'll get to the next block and be surprised to find that one of my classmates whom I thought was breezing through didn't make it through! It's hard and it sucks. And no matter how well everyone hides it, they're crying inside too. Have you considered joining a study group to get to know your classmates better? I know my college offers a mentorship program. Perhaps yours does too? My cohort also has a facebook group where we get to know eachother and share our desperation. If yours doesn't have one, start one! But whether you do or not, trust me. You are not alone in feeling this way!
  5. by   bookchick
    I feel like this some days! I am 38, and it's hard. I feel so much older than all my young friends! Lol! Nursing school is so hard. I study every day, and I sometimes feel like others seem to just know it! Last semester kicked my behind! I always seem to be just a tiny bit behind in understanding something. I can tell you though, just keep going, study hard, and the end product will be exciting! I have 10 weeks until graduation! You can do it!
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