anyone enrolled at university of maine-fort kent or University of southern maine??

  1. I'm looking into the accelerated programs at these schools and am curious about your experience. How many hours of clinical are there? Is it difficult to get in?

    Thanks so much!

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  3. by   StudentNurseAbby
    I'm from northern Maine but I haven't gone to either school. I do know quite a few nurses who did the accelerated program. I don't know specifics but I know a lot of people who liked the accelerated program a lot.

    Sorry I can't help more. If I see one of them, I'll ask and message you.
  4. by   firstyearRN
    Thanks Abby! I appreciate it.
  5. by   arciedee
    I'm not enrolled at either school, but I had applied to USM a year and a half ago. I got the impression that they were pretty competitive. I was not accepted, though I have an undergrad degree from a good school, A's in all my recent classes, etc. I think the fact that I am not a Maine resident and I had not completed all of the required and recommended courses might have played into it.
  6. by   Trinh
    Hey Sarah

    I just saw your post from LAST MAY, wondered if you are still looking at accelerated programs. The program at UMFK is much longer than most accelerated programs because the 5 semesters includes breaks in the summer. The clinical hours I'd have to add up but it seems we do about 12 days per semester. Then a 6 week full time preceptorship at the end. You may also be able to knock off a few online courses the summer before the senior year to shorten things up.

    Hopefully you are already in a program by now.

    Good luck.
  7. by   Nikkiqueen
    I guess if you meet USM admission criteria, you'll be offered the admission. I know someone from Canada that went throught the accelerated program. Good Luck!