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Hey guys and gals! I am currently a first semester nursing student at a large state university here in the south. And I am also ENGAGED and getting married in December of this year! Planning a... Read More

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    I got married 5 days before starting an accelerated BSN program. Thankfully, I had that summer off, but it even made my spring prereqs difficult to study for. That or I put off a ton of wedding decisions until the last minute. Plus that summer I had to work more than full time to even make a dent in the credit card debt we accumulated paying for most of it ourselves. Of course, we lived in New Orleans, so two weeks after school started last year Katrina came through and I got an unexpected year without school. If you can at least do it during summer or a long winter break you should be OK, otherwise make it small and uncomplicated!
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    The wedding is in Key West...
    33 days til finals...
    38 to the wedding!
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