Anyone doing the accelerated BSN??? - page 2

Hey Ya'll! I'm going to be applying to an accelerated BSN program, but was wondering if anyone else has been through any accelerated programs?? I'm the mother of two little babies (1 and 3... Read More

  1. by   np_wannabe
    Thanks aureliey.

    My previous degrees are in sociology and mental health. not too helpful.

    This program is 13 months and requires the GRE, so that if we finish with good enough grades, we can progress right into NP school.

    I was also thinking about not coming home as soon as class is over--just staying at the library for a couple of hours each night and get some work done. I was glad to hear you suggest that--reaffirms my plan.

  2. by   BlaineCM
    I am half way through 2nd semester of UF's accelerated BSN program. First semester was very time consuming, but it can be done. WE have about five people in our class who have young children and they are all doing well. We haven't lost anyone so far. 1 st semester I constantly had my nose in a book. You will be amazed at how much you can do when you have to.