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Hi, I am starting the ADN program at North Hennepin Community College in Minnesota next month. I was wondering if anyone here is in the same program, I am really nervous about it. The staff I have... Read More

  1. by   liline
    Thank you Heidi for replying, yes I went to orientation. I said that the closest school where I live require students to be a NA first. I want to know if you already know which text that we are going to use. I went to the school 2 mondays ago but the bookstore was close. I live in the Bloomington area.
  2. by   neonatalRN
    Oh you must live near Normandale Community College. I heard that you can't buy the books until 2-3 weeks before class starts or so. I don't know which book it is.

  3. by   lmolvr

    I attend Hennepin Tech (Brooklyn Park campus), and some students here have said stay away from Hennepin Tech (sorry if it concerns you...) The reasons they have mentioned staying away.....classes don't prepare you well enough, ill-suited instructors (guess that would be why the classes don't prepare you well ; ) It's very hard to say....if you like it I would continue on. I took a couple of generals at Normandale...but decided it would take way too long to get my RN going there, so I decided to do the LPN program at Henn Tech. So far it's good...I'm just completing generals, and hoping for some people to fail summer pre-reqs so I can take there place for fall core classes

    By the way...I'm surprised there are people in this general area....if anyone ever wants to be study-buddies...drop me a line....

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  4. by   neonatalRN
    so what else have you heard Lisa? And who told you?
  5. by   lmolvr
    Hi Heidi,

    I honestly can't remember anything else concerning what was said. A few of us were talking about various schools on our break from not a lot was said. Plus the conversation was about a month ago.

    The lady that told me to stay away from North Henn transferred out of there to go to our school. I'll ask her again in our Thursday class what she thought about it.

    Every school is going to have their fans and enemies. There are a lot of people here who want to transfer out.....many of us are done with our generals, but can't get into cores because that classes fill so quickly. We may be able to get cores for spring semester, but I'm not betting on it

    If you like it...stick it out...and don't let the instructors bother you.
    Think of it as preperation for all the nasty people (doctors, fellow nurses, patients, etc.) we are bound to deal with:chuckle