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We had a SNA meeting today about our state convention in October. They said thier would be a national convention in Atlanta Ga. I didn't catch the date on that. Just wondered who was a member and... Read More

  1. by   moongirl
    Quote from MySimplePlan
    Get this - ours adds 2 points to your overall percentage if you attend all four meeting this semester. Caveat: you can't use the points to pull your overall grade from a failing to a passing, i.e. you have 78.86 and the two points will put you over the fence. Uh uh. you have to be passing.

    I don't think this point thing is fair, for some reason.
    yeah, they do that to us too, cept we have to have way more time in than just the meetings. Also, if we dont have the time in, they DOCK 2 percent of our grade! blackmail....
  2. by   AllieRat
    I'm the SNA Web/Newsletter editor at my university. I'm not sure how time consuming just being a member is but being an officer is way too time consuming :crash_com I just wish more students would get involved with their SNA. For ours it seems no one wants to become involved in their community.