Anybody pregnant or will be pregnant when they graduate?

  1. Hey, i was just wondering if anyone was pregnant or going to be pregnant when they graduate this year. I am getting married in December and my fiance and I are thinking about TTC but i would be like 4 or 5 months pregnant at graduation next May(2003). I just wanted to see if anyone here is in that boat and wondering how things are going with getting jobs and starting out.

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  3. by   peaceful2100
    I have not personally experienced or will experience being pregnant while in school but I know someone who is.
    I have a friend that is currently pregnant. She is graduating on may 13th. She is due May 28th. (WOW, huh). She plans on taking boards in August and plan to start working in September. She plans to work weekend nights to start with. That way her hubby can be home with the baby.

    Now, if I am butting in too much here then you can nicely tell me to butt out and I will have no hurt feelings and will totally understand but if I can remember correctly are you the one who is 19. Is there any particular reason why you want to conceive before graduating from school? Do you have a time length before you are unable to have any more kids or scared that you might not be able to have any. I am just saying to think cautiously about this because every women is different with their pregnancy and you never know when you might be one of the few pregnant women who have the most horrible pregnancy anyone can imagine as far as morning sickness and being sick day in and day out.

    I am a young mother and I found out I was pregnant a couple months from graduation in high school. It was amazing I made it through because I was so sick I missed quite a few days.

    What ever you decide. Good luck.