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Hi, I was wondering if anyone is from Mississipi State, Mississipi, and know of a community college there w/ a Nursing Program (ASN). Thanks Ana:confused:... Read More

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    Originally posted by Charity

    My theory on nursing schools:

    There are two types of nursing schools. The "Welcome to the nursing profession" and the "Boot Camp" varieties. I have seen the odd school that is a mixture of the two. Boot camp is simply an expression I use for a program that I think is more stressful that it needs to be. Other people may disagree. Most nursing schools are of the boot camp type, in my opinion. Hinds is too. It is an excellent program, and it produces great nurses. It is also a hard clinical program--I won't kid you there. Lots of competition.

    The other type, the "welcome aboard" type of school is far more rare-- judging by posts by students on this board. At one such school with which I was acquainted, they referred to their first semester students as "baby bunnies." Mustn't stress the students too much.

    Don't worry about Hinds. Good school. great NCLEX pass rate. You'll do fine.


    I agree about Hinds being a boot camp.. When I lived in MS, that is where I started Nursing school... Absolutely HATED it... Teachers were NOT willing to help at all.... They said they were but weren't... As far as skills... I quit during Spring break, so mid march... So we had been in school for a lil over 2months.. Well we had already had check offs on Cleaning Trachs, Inserting Foleys, Inserting NG tubes.. But guess what we hadn't been checked off on making a bed.. Go figure... The problem I saw with checkoffs, is that you weren't necessarily checked off on everything.. You drew 2 randomly out of a hat and that is what you had to do... But you had to know how to do them all.. Because you had no idea what you would get.. They said by the time check offs were finish, you would have done everything, but whatever.. Too much undue stress for me... And they also did the 3 strikes and you are out on check offs.... The school I am at now, has a reputation for being a very stressful program, but it is easy compared to Hinds.... Alie I don't mean to scare you at all... As Charity said they do produce GREAT nurses... And it is easier to get into than some of the others.. Heck I even heard the UMC nursing program was easier... Good luck, you will do fine...
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    Originally posted by AnaH
    Thanks guys!! I don't know anything about MS, but would prefer something near Mississipi State University. Any recommendations on an area near by? What about the public school system? Any good? I have 2 small children, and that is an important factor to consider if we move or not. Your answers will be of great help. We are planning on going there by the end of this month. Any neighborhoods we should look at? Thanks.
    Starkville itself is not a bad town... Just busy, because of the University.. It would be a lil hole in the wall town if it wasn't for MSU... I would personally check into the Columbus area, MUW is in that town, only 30mins (at the most) from MSU and the town is alot less crowded... MUW is a fairly small school... I think you would do good into checking into their programs, they seem to be the closest... As far as schools for your kids,, I am not sure about that...

    Good Luck and keep us informed..