Any UNf or fccj nursing students? - page 2

Looking for someone to chat with. ?'s about program. I did find one person going to fccj. If u are still there?...are u actually in the program or still taking reqs? I am waiting for my acceptance... Read More

  1. by   ashleydm
    If you have 219 points you will have no problem getting in. I just finished my 1st semester and I got in with 194...So it certainly won't be a problem for you. Good luck.
  2. by   lovefordogs
    CRAZY! I hear that some people who take the NAT on the computer use the computer's calculator. I called up the open campus testing center and asked if it was true and the proctor told me that they would have no way of knowing if students did use the calc. How unfair is that? He also said that some campuses might let students use calculators still. Is this true? Do they allow them with the pencil and paper exam?
  3. by   KromeWon
    do alot of people make it in the nursing program with C's in AP?
  4. by   noeyrn
    how hard is the science section of the Psb NAT? Are there a lot of physics and chemistry questions?