any summer [intern-like] programs??

  1. i was wondering if anyone knew about summer programs that allow one, me for instantce, to further my knowledge of nursing.
    i am currently a sophmore but after the summer, if i take classes i will be a junior!
    just wanted to take a break from classes and see if anywhere within the states had a program where i can work at a hospital or clinic and just see what its all about.
    if you know of something let me know!

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    im a full time student i also work as a infant & toddler teacher


  3. by   colleen10
    I will be in a summer student nurse externship with one of my local hospitals this summer. It lasts about 2 months, is full time and I will be paid.

    I will be teamed up with one of the nurses and will work their refular shift, no overtime. This nurse will train me and together we will work on a way to take care of all of their patients and get a system down. I can do many things under this nurse's supervision except pass meds.

    I have heard that these type of experiences are really invaluable in getting your comfort level up. I'm one of those people that really has to do something a couple of times before I really remember it. ie. right now in clinical I have difficulty hanging IV's and setting up the pump because I only have clinical one day a week and some weeks I get patiens that have an IV. So, it's not often that I can practice and get the hang of it.

    It seems that most hospitals require you to have at least 2 semester of actual nursing classes and clinical under your belt before they will hire you

    Good luck,