Any programs easy to get into?

  1. I hope I don't upset anyone who is having a hard time getting accepted, but I'm just curious...I've posted before about my school's admissions process. There is no waitlist, no interview, no entrance exam, no essay to write. You just fill out a very basic, generic application & that's it. You need a minimum 2.8. As of a week ago, there were only 34 applicants for 40 seats. The deadlineis next week. The secretary also said that quite a few of those will not make it due to low gpa, so she said I'm basically in. She also said that some years they don't even get 40 applicants. Is it just this school? Does anyone else know of programs that aren't full? My school is a small town cc, which nobody usually tranfers to, so maybe that's why. Maybe alot of people want to go to bigger universities. I have heard that there is another program about 100 miles from here that doesn;t require the chemistry that mine does & their a&p is combined into one class, & at my school you take anatomy one semester, then physiology the next, so both are very in depth. Maybe no one wants to deal with that. Any opinons??
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  3. by   orrnlori
    The only thing I can tell you is to look at this school's NCLEX pass rate. If it is 90% or greater I would say they have a decent program and if you want to be a nurse, I would go on and get in.

    I believe everyone here about the 2-3 year wait times to get into schools, but I know had that been the case when I decided to go to nursing school, I would have found something else to do. There's no way I would spend 4-7 years to get an ADN, I would be at a university doing a different major. But that's just me. If you are in a rural area, maybe this is a norm for you. I live in a metropolitan area with 5 nursing schools. I had no problem getting into my program but I know they had something like 300 applicants for 120 spots. My grades were good enough and my NLN and ACT were good enough that I got rolling admission to the program. I feel for those who are waiting years to get into school. There's obviously something wrong with the system and I blame it on the schools themselves and their idiotic pre-req systems.
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    My school doesn't seem to have any waiting period either; however, in this area alone, there are 3 cc, 1 other university, and also a diploma program offered by a hospital. The cc is the longest wait at about 1 year or so which is why I transferred over to the school I am at now because it ended up that I would be able to get a bachelor's in the same amt of time it would take for an associates.

    You pretty much qualify if you have a 2.5 gpa and have to only get a C on your cognates. Actually the school was said to have a low NClex pass rate a few years ago so we are also required to do ATI testing for every nursing class and for the past two years, they have had the highest NClex pass rate among the schools in the area.

    It is strange how some schools have such strict requirements while others do not.
  5. by   mitchsmom
    I am in a small isolated area and our cc is always full and fairly competitive I think. The BSN program I commute to is full also, I'm not sure how many applied though. We don't even have a very good NCLEX rate, I think 78-80%.
    Is your school accredited? (with NLNAC- you can check here:
    You could ask someone at your school why they don't fill... although it may be hard to get an honest answer there. Maybe you could ask some local nurses who may know the scoop. Maybe you are just lucky! It will be nice to have more individual attention