Any NJ SN's out there?

  1. Just wondering if there's anyone else that might be local? If so, give a shout out!
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  3. by   SteveNNP
    You may want to check out the NJ nurses forum under "nursing by location"

    I am a former [always will be] Jersey Boy. I'm currently working in SC in a NICU to get experience before moving back in a year or so.....I sure miss NJ and NYC!

    Good luck in school, it'll be over before you know it!
  4. by   AuntieRN
    I am in SC too. I am in my 3rd of 5 semesters in my ADN program. If you do not mind me asking are you working at MUSC? Or do you know anyone who does? I am very curious as to what it would be like to work there. I live a few hours away at the beach...but I reallly want to work in a bigger trauma center/ER. If you feel uncomfortable answering, I understand. I did not mean to get too personal. Have a great day!!
  5. by   cherylnj81
    I live in Middlesex County, NJ, but I am not a student yet. I already have a BA in Psychology from Rutgers and just applied to go back to either Rutgers or MIddlesex Comm. College for nursing school.

    Where are you from?
  6. by   NJNursing

    Thanks for the info! I didn't know there was such a forum.I'm a student still and kinda wanted to network with other NJ Nursing students, but I'll check that out too. :-) SC - wow. I went to Duke last year when my aunt was diagnosed with terminal cancer and OMG, their nursing technology is really cutting edge. I'm thinking of moving to Durham after I get my masters to work with them. Plus I'd be closer to my beloved Carolina Panthers. ;-)

    Cheryl: I'm in burlington county, but going to mercer county college. Looking to transfer to Drexel next fall (God willing I get in...) for my BSN and MSN. They've got the women's health MSN and I'd like to go into maternity. They also do theirs in conjunction with Planned Parenthood.
  7. by   SteveNNP
    I'm currently working at Spartanburg Regional, but I hear MUSC is really good. We have a few nurses from MUSC, and they got some really good experiences there. All my family still lives in Monmouth County. I'll be back soon, I keep telling myself!