Any lpn students?

  1. I started my pre-req's last Summer for the lpn program nearby, but unfortunately had to sit out due to my health (Crohn's) and finances at the time. The program is 16 months long and I just found out the college right by my house is starting a 12 month program which *if* they get it up and going will start this August 1st. Or June rather (more pre req's) So i'm super excited about that and will be bummed if they don't go through with it. Right now they are doing their first *test class to see how it goes. Anyhow, no matter which school I go to I should be able to start again this June and finally back on my way to my nursing degree!! Anyone else starting this Summer/Fall or in the prgram now? Are you planning on bridging? I want to bridge as soon as I can but think I should work a while before doing so.. Not sure yet though.
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    I'm a LPN student, attending a fairly new program so can I offer a bit of advice? Unless things run differently in each state, the new program will not be accredited for awhile. It takes quite a long time to get accredited once the program is up & runnning. In our case, the 6th class has just graduated & we are just achieving it. The BON has very stringent requirements that have to be met before they approve and part of that is NCLEX pass rates and 4 classes had started before the first class took their tests.


    One thing we are noticing is that the pass rate is not as high as the established programs & it probably has nothing to do with the quality of the education we are getting but rather, as a new program, they didn't have the luxury of turning down perspective students who are not quite as qualified. They needed to fill the slots & took anyone who applied. Now they are getting more applicants than they have room for & can be more selective. I suspect that the pass rates will improve as well as graduation rates.

    You might want to explore your states board of nursing website to see if there is any information about tthis new program. You also may find information about what exactly will be required by the BON. You can check out each school's NCLEX pass rates too.

    Good luck with whichever program you go with. By the way, my program runs 11 months. In some ways I wish it was longer as once you start you realize how much you will have to learn in that length of time & it's tremendous. We had no prereqs. The few gen. ed. classes are taken right along with the rest but for those of us who already had them done, our class schedule is much easier.
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    So do you think I should just go back to the school I started last year? I really loved my instructors and classmates and would love to see them again, but graduating in August 2008 sounds a little better than December 2008! But it is ultimately only 4 months, not too bad, I may just stick with the longer program.. I will try to find a site about the new program as well, thanks for your reply!
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    I love my program & don't regret my decision but if I were you, just a suggestion, mind you, stay with the one you've already started. They are established & they know what they are doing. They won't be experimenting with you, trying to find the right way of teaching. Besides, & I know you don't want to hear this, you are "only" 21 and 4 months out of the rest of your life is a very small amount of time. You like where you are at, know your classmates, & will have a longer time in which to learn the tremendous amount that you are required to learn.
    Good luck!!!
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    Yea, I tend to agree with you. The only thing I didn't like about ithe original school was the distance. It took about an hour to get to school everyday once I dropped the girls off at daycare. And this other school is literally about 10 min away from my house and right past the daycare they will start in May. And once clinicals start we have to be there by 6:30 am and daycare just opens at 6:30! So those are some of the not so good parts. But i'm sure we'll figure something out. Early reg. is already April and again in May so I kind of just want to register now and know i'm in than wait arund to hear about the new program.