any good hospiatls to work at in atlanta?

  1. Hello, I'm new to this so bare with me. I am moving to Atlanta and was wondering if there are any good hospitals to work at? Also how was it working with the cadivas in school? Please provide info.
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  3. by   kiddoRN
    What area do you want to work in? Peds, med/surg, OR?
  4. by   kewlnurse
    One of the girls i work with went to visit her daughter and stopped in at
    Emory just to see what was available and they pretty much offered her a job on the spot with a ridiclously high salary and sign on bonus, so she says.
  5. by   JennieBSN much of an adrenaline junky ARE you?? LOL!! My husband and cousin both went to Ga. Tech, and my in-laws still live there. Grady is a WAR ZONE, from what I hear. I'd probably steer more towards Emory. Just mho.
  6. by   misti_z
    I've heard wonderful things about Emory
  7. by   kiddoRN
    There are two hospitals in the North Atlanta area that are good. St. Joseph's is a reknown cancer hospital but also does other care and Northside hospital which is a very nice med/surg, procedure type hospital. THey are across the street from each other and on the other corner is Scottish Rite children's hospital. it's like a medical triangle there. Lots of good places to eat and even has a Life Uniform store on the bottom floor of one of the doctors buildings.