Any CFCC students ?

  1. Hi !! I'm Krystal I am considering going into the Nursing career (My #1 choice actually). Anyways I figured I would go to CFCC, but I can't seem to get any specifics about the program and such from the professors and such ... so I have turned to th BOARD !! If anybody is a CFCC student and can give me some info about the program I'd be grateful !!

    XOXOXO :kiss ,
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  3. by   ggfifirn05
    Hi, Krystal...welcome to the board! I would imagine the school has a website. I'd go to that, type in "programs" and then nursing, and the website should give you some information on the requirements for the nursing program, or at least information on who to contact at CFCC. That's how I initially got information on my program at FCCJ. I'd also call the nursing or healthcare careers advisor; they can probably mail you a package.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Jennerizer
    What kind of specifics are you looking for? The classes required or whether it's a good program?
  5. by   jliebman
    Hi there, neighbor! I'm in Ocala. I'm pre-nursing at CFCC. This fall I am finishing up the last of my prereqs, and hoping to go into the program in jan. Have you gone to the nursing dept. on campus for info? I'll help you with what I can, what specific info are you looking for?
  6. by   Rnin'
    Thank you all !! I haven't visited them yet but I plan on making a visit when one of the program information sessions are going on. I am basically looking for info on class requirements, how difficult is it to get into the actual " nursing " program , and would you recommend participating in the program ?

    Thanks again !!
    Krystal :kiss
  7. by   JeepDudeRN
    Hey all, just bumpin this thread to see if there are any new CFCC students out there